4 Amazing Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

So it is your daughter’s wedding and you have a serious responsibility of finding the right mother of the bride dress. But hang on a second, you are not just looking for a regular mother of the bride dress, rather you are looking for a plus size mother of the bride dress that you can rock at the wedding, but finding it is not proving to be as easy as you thought. You have browsed through tons of websites and you have not found the right one yet.

This is a common problem for a mother of the bride when she is looking for a plus size mother of the bride dresses. The main reason behind this issue is the models who wear the dress are not actually plus size which completely gives a feeling of an illusion rather than a reality.

Even in the 21st century, it is difficult to find the most stylish clothes in plus size. Best clothes are still found in Size 0 to size 2. Going by that, it can be disastrous to find a plus size mother of the bride dress.

We at Nicola Ross have been in this business for far too long to understand this problem exactly. We have heard enough and we have seen enough. So it was about time that we decide to find a solution to this problem. We have listed 4 amazing plus size mother of the bride dresses a mother can flaunt at her daughter’s on son’s wedding.


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These are only a few of the dresses from our vast collection of plus size mother of the bride dresses. If you are looking to rock the wedding season this winter, Don’t forget to drop by at our store in Naas or Just give us a call to book an appointment.

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