About Nicola Ross

Our Story

Nicola Ross is an Irish family owned business, established in Naas Co Kildare in 1990. After working alongside her husband in Kate & Pippa, Maria opened her first boutique. Maria named the boutique after her first born children, Nicola and Ross. Nicola Ross opened in the Moat Mall, where Ruth store manager to this day joined the team! The boutique soon grew out its location, where 1a North Main St Naas opened. Jenny, Maria's youngest child was born! With a floor of the store named after Jenny, called Lil Jen! Lil Jen soon grew out her shop floor to be created into its own brand! The Lil Jen brand was created by Maria & her husband Tommy, this is a brand that's sold in boutiques throughout the country to this day!


At the heart of Nicola Ross, is making sure the customer is happy. Maria & her team strive to offer the very best, with nothing more satisfying than knowing a customer is happy! Our customers continued loyalty new & old is what has got Nicola Ross here today! We couldn't be more grateful for the support received from our customers and are delighted to be reaching so many new customers online.
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