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Wedding Guest Dresses & Evening Wear

@ Nicola Ross – Main St Store

Please note not all our all our stock is on our website, to book your appointment please call 045 875181 or email info@nicolaross.ie

Occasionwear at Nicola Ross is a dream come true!

You will find the most beautiful occasion dresses at fantastic prices, including labels Almarella, Arggido, Fee-G, Olimara to name but a few.

Ideal outfits and dresses for confirmations, weddings, communions, graduations, ceremonies and of course going to the races. We’ll help you make the effort and look the part. All our designer outfits & occasion dresses are chosen by our own buyers on trips around Europe.

They ensure that for whatever the occasion you feel perfectly dressed, able to enjoy yourself and look great.

We Stock Sizes 8 to 22

Nicola Ross – Main Street Naas – Open 7 days a week

Mon – Sat 9:30am – 6pm; Sunday 12pm – 6pm

One visit to our store and you will be returning to us for all your special occasions. All of our designers outfits are chosen by our own buyers on fashion trips around Europe. They ensure that for whatever the occasion you feel perfectly dressed, able to enjoy yourself and look great.

Here are some of our favourite designers when it comes to occasionwear.

Carla Ruiz

At Nicola Ross we carry the largest selection of this beautiful brand. Carla Ruiz represents refinement, elegance and uniqueness. The designers at Carla Ruiz strive to produce very different collections every season, innovation and creativity is very much the companies philosophy, so as a customer you are always treated to a very different look each season. As a label their price points are absolutely fantastic, given the fabrics, design and tailoring of the garments, it is a quite unbelievable collection.

Fee G

Fee G is an Irish brand designed by Fiona Heaney and her partner Don Gormley. The name came about through using their names together.

The Fee G collection has a loyal and growing customer base. Fee G are now stocked worldwide which is a great testament to the outstanding quality and distinct design of their collection.

Fee G offer a young stylish contemporary look, ideal dresses for weddings, the races, first holy communions, confirmations and other special occasions.

You will look and feel that youthful style with their fantastic dresses.


Brand created just for you, you that are still committed to combine the taste for good fashion betting on a style with character but without forgetting, successfully, a defined budget. If you want to be perfect by day, sensual at night, if you're an inveterate but discreet coquette, always sweet but with a great character, Almarella is your traveling companion. Perfect dresses for special occasions or guest of the wedding!


Arggido is the day wear collection of Carla Ruiz. The collection satisfies a demand that every day is more competitive and for it our collections are designed and are made paying particular attention to the details, trying to adapt it always to the new trends. Beautiful collection of occasion wear perfect for special occasions and guest of the wedding!

Unique Wedding Guest Dresses

If you're attending a wedding this season, you should aim for something more than "simply good" regarding your unique wedding guest dresses. However, with dozens of invitations, bachelorette parties, and wedding registries, this is sometimes the best you can do.

You may question, "What constitutes a beautiful wedding guest dress?" First, the dress should have a luxurious feel. No corporate uniforms are allowed here. Second, the dress should be able to withstand an entire day of celebrations. You will cry a tear, take the perfect Instagram photo, visit the seafood station, dance the night away, and consume a slice of cake. Lastly, a fantastic wedding dress exudes festivity. It honors the miracle and good fortune that brought two people together. The same miracle and good fortune that put you in an outfit prompted a song request from the DJ.

Everyone aspires to look their best at a wedding reception. Being a wedding guest or a bridesmaid is a good reason to look and feel your best, even if you don't want to overshadow the bride.

A wide variety of magnificent, engaging, and uncommon wedding guest dresses are available at Nicola Ross, including a wide range of brands, colors, and styles. You'll look stunning in a stunning gown as the ideal Wedding Guest. Lace, embroidered, and sleeveless gowns are some of the attractive options available.

At the Nicola Ross, every wedding guest will find something new and exciting. You can buy wedding guest dresses online from us with just the following few steps. We have a selection of dresses for women who will be attending a wedding as a guest.

Celebrate the occasion with a dash of elegance.

Choose from various styles, from more casual to more formal gatherings, so you can find wedding guest outfits for women you'll want to wear again and again. Our selection of women's wedding guest dresses includes styles that can easily be transformed into date- night ensembles, brunch ensembles, gala gowns, and even weekend casual appearances with just a change of shoes. Our variety of wedding guest dresses makes it simple to design a style you'll enjoy for the next event and other special events. Here is the list of some of our favorite designers.

Our Top Designers


Carla Ruiz embodies refinement, grace, and originality. The designers at Carla Ruiz seek to develop radically different collections each season; innovation and originality are central to the company's ethos, so customers are exposed to fundamentally diverse looks each season. Given the fabrics, style, and construction of the clothing, their price points as a brand are just incredible; it is a truly excellent selection.


A brand designed specifically for you, you who are still committed to combining a taste for good fashion with style with personality while effectively adhering to a certain budget. Almarella is your travel partner if you want to be perfect during the day and seductive at night if you are a persistent but discreet coquette who is always kind but has a strong personality. Perfect outfits for special occasions and wedding guests!

One visit to our store will convince you to return for all of your important events. All of our designers' are selected by our buyers during fashion visits throughout Europe. They ensure that regardless of the event, you feel appropriately attired, can enjoy yourself, and look fantastic with our premium collection of Wedding Guest Dress Ireland.

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