How to choose the right mother of the bride shoes? - Nicola Ross Naas

How to choose the right mother of the bride shoes?

Choosing the right mother of the bride dress is not easy, but let’s say that after a long list of do’s and don’ts, you have finally found that perfect dress for your daughter’s wedding. You are all set to flaunt that beautiful dress but hang on! You are yet to find a perfect pair of shoes to go with it. Now that’s another hurdle that you need to jump and jump perfectly to make sure the dress looks complete with the right pair of shoes. You want the shoes to look beautiful and elegant but they shouldn’t be a mismatch to the dress. But how do you make sure that you have the right pair of shoes to go with your dress?

We have listed down some of the points that you should focus on while choosing the right pair of mother of the bride shoes.


  • Size Is Important

Choose the size that fits you perfectly. Often there is a temptation of picking up shoes which are bigger in size but just because you like them so much you decide to go with them anyway. Don’t do that! There, we said it. Don’t pick an oversized pair as not only it would look awkward but it would make you feel uncomfortable throughout the wedding ceremony. Go for a size that fits you perfectly.

  • Big Heel is a Big No!

Wedding ceremonies can be long and hectic. As a mother of the bride, you might have to walk around a lot, meet the guests and run errands. High heels are definitely not going to be helpful when you are walking this much plus it would make you uncomfortable. Another embarrassment that you would want to avoid is falling off. Yes, that’s very much possible in long heels. So play safe and go for short to medium heel shoes.

  • Don’t Choose Alone

It is not a good idea to shop for the shoes alone. Take a friend or even your daughter with you to help you choose. An extra pair of eyes can’t hurt, can they? They will be able to check how the shoes look on you from all the different angles. Also, they might ask you questions before you buy that may not have thought of yourself.  A friend in a need is a friend indeed.

  • Go with the season

Just like a winter mother of the bride dress would be different from the summer mother of the bride dress, the shoes also need to go with the season. You can go with a closed-toe shoe in winters and for the summers an open toe shoe or sandals would be a perfect choice.