Linea Raffaelli

Linea Raffaelli luxurious collection is available to buy in our boutique and online. Linea Raffaelli is one of the most beautiful labels for occasion wear, truly spectacular. Linea Raffaelli are represented in 20 countries and Nicola Ross are very proud of the fact that we are one of Linea Raffaelli’s largest stockists in Ireland. They have very different looks within the collection. Linea Rafaelli have a very unique design, their collection is aimed at the younger mother of the bride. They source their fabrics from the very best Italian and Spanish mills. Their fabrics are unique to Linea Raffaelli, all their fabrics are specially designed. Linea Raffaelli will only buy what they can have exclusively, this guarantees that no other company will have their special fabric. The colours they choose are often hard to describe as they don’t go for the typical set colours either. Linea Raffaelli colours are always unique, different to other designers’ colours. The perfect fit and comfort is as important as the look of the outfit.