Luis Civit

Fabulous Collection Of Luis Civit Mother Of The Bride Outfits Prefect For Wedding Or That Special Occasion. Shop In store Or Online at Luis Civit is a Spanish fashion house representing a very sophisticated and elegant mother of the bride and groom collection in stunning, sumptuous fabrics and elegant designs. Luis Civit have commissioned a fabulous hat collection to coordinate with their outfits. You can get the complete head to toe look exactly as the designer envisaged. Wearing beautiful Luis Civit you will certainly impress at any event. Many fashion houses will not make hats to go with their collections, Luis Civit go that little bit extra, they commission a hat designer to view the collection on the models, and design the perfect hat in the exact colour for their outfits. They really give you the whole package. You are walking out as the mother of the bride or groom exactly the way the designer envisaged the look, feeling special, sophisticated and elegant.