Is a black dress a good or bad idea for the mother of the bride? - Nicola Ross Naas

Is a black dress a good or bad idea for the mother of the bride?

Deciding what dress to wear for your daughter is no small task. After all, you want to look your best for the special day. There is a lot of thought process that goes behind choosing a mother of the bride dress. To add to that pressure is the choice of what colour the dress should be?

The question of whether you could wear a black mother of the bride dress is asked very often. Black wasn’t the most popular choice in the old times and there are certain reasons behind that. Black is associated with protest in some cultures and with death in some. But in the modern world “No black” is an outdated notion. Black dresses for the mother of the bride in fact have become quite popular. However, you would want to consider a few things before you jump on and buy that slick black dress for your daughter’s wedding.

  • Discuss it with your daughter – After all, it’s her wedding. It is important to discuss is with your daughter before buying the dress. If she is fine with it and you feel comfortable in it then you are all set to go.


  • Is black your best? – You need to ask yourself this question. Is black going to suit you best or is there any other colour that might work better? Answering this question is very important as you want to pick a colour that suits you best rather than just choosing black for the heck of it. If black is the colour that works for you the best, then, by all means, go for it.


  • Don’t think too much – Overthinking can clutter your mind. Don’t worry about what people will think or say. Men have been wearing black tuxedos for ages so there is no reason not to choose black. People these days have much less of a conservative approach and less likely to get offended as compared to previous era’s. So take a chill pill and be confident in your own style.


  • Is the venue, time & weather-appropriate? – You would want to consider the time, venue & weather before you want to go with a black dress. If it’s a morning wedding on a hot summer day, then you would probably want to go with a light colour as a black dress would not blend in plus it would make you feel hot.


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