Recharge Your Wardrobe For Spring With These Colourful Dresses

There’s nothing like the start of spring to get us in the mood for some colour. While all those flowers are blooming outside, it’s making us want to breathe new life into our wardrobe, too. And after a season of whites, darks, and neutrals, we’re now longing for some happy hues to go with the mood – the brighter, the better!

If you’re thinking of a wardrobe recharge as well, Nicola Ross has plenty of choices for you. We have cute florals if you want to go for a totally spring vibe, but there are lots of abstracts and geometric prints, too – all in the boldest colour combos to welcome the new season in style!

Kate & Pippa Boho Midi Dress - Pink

This flowy dress really makes a statement with its pink and orange print. It comes in a chiffon fabric that’s perfect for spring and summer. €59,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Boho Midi Dress - Blue/Orange

This has the same cut as the previous dress, but with a colour combination and print that are just a tad bolder. €59,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Luca Mizzoni Shirt Dress – Pink/Multi

This features the classic shirtdress style but comes with a modern zigzag print and a colourway that can only be described as electrifying! €79,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Luca Shirt Dress - Rose/Yellow

If sweet and feminine is your style M.O., you’ll love this floral shirtdress in a yellow and pink colour combo. A classic through and through. €79,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Luca Shirt Dress - Aqua/Rose

Here’s another chic shirtdress with a beautiful floral print. We’re loving that shade of blue but the pops of pink definitely add a vibrant touch. €79,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Luca Shirt Dress - Navy Blue/Yellow

The dark blue and bright yellow make such a gorgeous contrast in this shirtdress. These colours will definitely make you stand out! €79,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Capri Dress - Royal Blue/Orange Spot

If this vibrant combination of hues doesn’t wow them, we don’t know what will. It really turns heads, from the cut to the colours and print. €99,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Sienna Wrap Dress – Green

This dress features a classic wrap design with an eye-catching geometric print. It looks so exuberant from the striking pattern to the energetic colours. €69,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Capri Dress - Pink/Lilac

Here’s a colour combo you don’t always see, and we think they look SO good together! We’re also loving the classic belted, button-down design. €99,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Capri Dress - Orange/Pink

This cute dress definitely has a heavy spring/summer vibe to it thanks to all those bright hues. €99,99. Shop now

Kate & Pippa Sienna Wrap Dress - Royal/Aqua

Different shades of blue with some pops of orange? Yes please! €69,99. Shop now.

Kate & Pippa Capri Dress - Blue/Pink

Here’s another bold and unique colour combination: hot-pink and blue. It’s love at first sight for us! €99,99. Shop now.