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Top Ten Shopping Tips For Mother of The Groom

It may be your child’s wedding day, but this is a big day for you as well! You will be walking down the aisle, sitting in the front row, dancing in front of a crowd, and mingling with every guest. You need to find an outfit that fits your important role. I’ve done my research and compiled a list of ten things every woman should consider when shopping for mother of the bride dresses. I know this shopping trip is an important one, so take a deep breath (maybe a few notes) and consider the following.

Veni Infantino 9917807 - Silver/Ivory


  • Let the MOB choose her look first

According to wedding etiquette, the MOB gets to shop for her look before the mother of the groom. But have you considered shopping together? Sounds like a bonding experience to me!

Veni Infantino 991810 - Ivory

  • The Length of your dress should match

If you decide to shop separately, the mother of the groom should match the length of her dress to the MOB. Length can often determine formality, and it will also look better in family wedding photos.

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  • Coordinate with or match the maids

I highly recommend bringing a swatch from the bridesmaid dresses when you shop. It’s important that the color of your gown complements the bridal party dresses. If you want to match, consider designers who have bridesmaids and mothers collections. Veni Infantino and  Linea Raffaelli from Nicola Ross dresses are stunning styles to consider.



  • Shop specialty stores (like the Nicola Ross) for a one-on-one experience

Many mothers shop for their wedding look at famous brands, but for a dress this important I recommend looking at fashion boutique. Book an appointment with the Nicola Ross and get the attention you need and deserve. (Make an appointment by calling (045) 875 181!


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  • Lay the foundations

Wear a good fitting bra and underwear when you go trying on clothes. It’s amazing how a visible panty line can just ruin a dress that would be perfect with the right underwear. Make sure your bra fits you well and doesn’t create any lumps or bumps that might not be there at all if it was a better fit.


  • Comfort should always come before fashion

You are going to find plenty of lovely looks for your child’s wedding, so don’t buy anything that isn’t comfortable. This is going to be a long, busy day. If you’re not able to move your arms, sit comfortably, or bend over, you will regret choosing fashion over a comfy fit. Have you considered mother of the bride pant suits?

Couture Club 5G106 Ivory/Taupe

  • Get the go-ahead before choosing black

Black goes with everything, but it may not work with the bride’s wedding theme. If black is one of the wedding colors, go for it. If not, consult with your bride.

Claudia C Ves.Lena dress

  • Some moms are wearing white… is this O.K?

It’s on trend for the mother of the bride to, yes, match her bride! Many ‘maids are wearing ivory, white, or champagne bridesmaid dresses to match their leading lady. Since you're supposed to coordinate with the bridesmaids, white may be an option. Just consult with the bride first.

Ispirato isf 826

  • Take it easy on the bling

A little sparkle never hurt anyone, but don’t go crazy with embellishments and accessories. You deserve to look beautiful, but the focus should be kept on the bride.

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  • The key is to keep in touch with the bride

It may be your dress, but it’s the bride’s big day. Keep her involved in the shopping process and get her opinion when it’s time to purchase. If you and the bride are both happy, you may just have a winning dress in your hands. That goes for the mother of the groom too!

Make your appointment or start shopping online! You’ll find AlmarellaVeni Infantino, Carla Ruiz and more. Whether you’re looking for long, elegant gowns or short, flattering mother of the bride dresses, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the Nicola Ross.