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Wedding Day Checklist for The Mother Of the Bride

Yes, it’s the Big Day and as the Mother of the Bride, you are excited & tensed and so is your Daughter. Being Supportive to your daughter is one side and managing everything on the day is the next big thing. Somewhere between being a Mother and a wedding planner, there are chances you might not have time for yourself. So we have top 5 simple yet very important tips that every Mother of the Bride should follow on the Wedding day to put everything into place.

  1. Breathe!

Yes Breathe! Some deep breaths occasionally and a small checklist are proven to be very effective for the mother of the brides. Try and split the checklist what you have to do and what others have to do on that day. Try sending a last minute message to those people, to avoid any confusion. This also reminds those people what their duties are, in case if they miss out something.

  1. Manage the family.

Close the door and open the window. Yeah literally! As the Mother of the bride, if you know that certain relatives get on your nerve, just make an excuse and avoid them and don’t let them near your daughter as well. This helps you to get ready without any drama or stress. It’s absolutely necessary for you to take your time and space.

  1. Save yourself.

Timeline your hair and dress session according to your other plans. Sometimes getting ready at the first slot is not good, and you don’t want the makeup to be melting during the event. Reserving the last spot is also not wise, if you are running behind schedule this idea would be a disaster. Go for a late middle slot, so that you would not have much work thereafter.

Mother of the groom

  1. Rehearse the Surprise.

If you have a note for your Daughter, that you would like to read before everyone, try giving a last minute rehearsal, no matter how many times you have practiced.  A final rehearsal increases your confidence and helps you emote your true feelings for your daughter.

bride and her mother

  1. Enjoy the Vibe.

At last don’t miss out the fun, after all it’s your daughter’s wedding. After you are done being the host and taking care of everyone, be a guest and enjoy the day. Taking pictures with your family and sharing words with your daughter is one thing, but nothing is more exciting than chatting with your friends with a glass of wine.

bride and mother dance

Stay happy, you got this! After all you are the Mother of the Bride.

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