What are the duties of a mother of the bride? - Nicola Ross Naas

What are the duties of a mother of the bride?

So it’s your daughter’s wedding and you have been planning this special occasion for a long time. It’s time for you to run the show & to perform your duties as a mother of the bride but you are not sure where to start from. Don’t worry, we have listed down some of the duties you can perform without a hassle.

Here’s the list of how to play the game like a pro:

1-     The first and the most important thing is to choose your mother of the bride dress as early as possible. Choose a design, label and a fabric and share it with mother of the groom as well. This would help the mother of the groom to choose a gown or a dress that would complement yours.

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2-    Any wedding is directly proportional to a lot of shopping. Traditionally mothers accompany their daughters to help them choose a wedding dress by giving an honest feedback. It’s a given that the wedding dress is going to an expensive one and thus you don’t want your daughter to spend that kind of sum on anything that would not make her look at her best.

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3-    As a mother of the bride you have a gift of experience. You have seen more weddings and that puts the ball in your court. Make sure to help the bride & groom in finding the best wedding reception sites and ask relatives, friends & family for vendor recommendations.

4-    Take some time out and sit with bride & groom to chalk out the budget of the wedding create the guest’s list accordingly.

5-    Create a master list of your side of guests & groom’s side of guest and also the guest of the wedding coming from outside the town. Make sure to book hotel rooms especially for people coming outside the city.

6-    You are the mother of the bride and thus the spotlight after bride and groom is definitely on you. Make sure to act as a hostess at the wedding & reception, priority should be to make sure your guests are comfortable. Do the basics. Receive the guests, sit at the parent’s table and make sure the bride greets all the guests.

7-    Put your dancing shoes on. Dance with father of the bride and the groom during the formal dance sequence.

8-    Walk down the aisle with her. Different cultures have different traditions. You may not get a chance to walk down the aisle with her in some cultures but if you do, do it with all the heart and grace.

9-    And last but not the least. Give your daughter a shoulder to cry on, be a good listener and just be a mother.