Sonia Pena Mother of the Bride/Groom-Nicola Ross

Sonia Pena Mother of the Bride/Groom

Introducing one of our most coveted designers for mother of the bride/groom styles, Sonia Pena is a spanish brand known for its colorful, elegant a sophisticated styles.

Sonia Pena imposes a fascinating look on your whole silhouette, which is taken from originality, creativity, and beauty. The designs contain a full and rich collection of short, long and jacket dresses, along with bridal styles which could be worn for cocktails, black tie parties, weddings and any other special occasions.

For the mother of the bride and/or groom styles, the pieces come in gorgeous chic shades of blush pink and ivory, or additionally in bright colorful designs that embrace the happiness and sunshine you could get in Spain.

With a wide range of styles from this brand, any mother of the bride or groom would be making the absolute best decision to come into Nicola Ross for their outfit - Only Sonia Pena could capture the essence of a wedding be it in rainy Ireland or melting hot Spain.

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